Air Gauges

Air Spindle

Air Ring

The workpiece are inserted to the ring type air jet and where the outside diameters are measured. It is suitable for measuring the workpiece having a relative small diameter.

Air Fixture

Air Measuring fixture is a measuring instrument which measures dimension of the workpiece precisely based on the principles of aerodynamics. By connecting the air measuring fixture to the air micrometer, the gap between the workpiece and the air nozzle that correspond directly to the change in airflow and pressure is displayed in enlarged scale. The measuring fixture can measure inside and outside diameters, thickness, perpendicularly, cylindricity and circularity tolerances.


Air Column

Air micrometer is a precision comparator type measuring instrument that employs air flow volumes and air pressure to determine the size of measured part dimensions. Operation is noncontact and is as simple as presenting a tool to a work piece and observing a reading. Furthermore, using air micrometer will not damage the surface of the measured parts. A row of multiple column can be used for measuring several measuring points in one glance that can reduce measurement times. The benefit of air gauging is its ease of use, which produces accurate results even when used by unskilled operators.