Plain Plug Limit Gauges

Reversible Type

Reversible type gauges allow the gauge member to be reversed in the handle, presenting you with a brand new gauge. This design provides twice the span of your component’s gauging life.

Cost Effective vs. Efficiency and Accuracy.

Why not have both...

Trilock Plug Gauge

Trilock type plug gauges are essentially reversible gauges without the signature GO/NO-GO colour coding. Simply remove the 3 bolts, reverse your gauging member and re-fasten. Trilock are suitable for big diameter plug gauges.

Taperlock Plug Gauge

Taper lock type plug gauges are non-reversible type gauges. Perfect for measuring deep hole within reach.

Special Plain Plug Gauge

Other than common plain plug gauge, Protool is able to supply special plug gauge like air release special groove, special length, sharp or round head and etc. 

Master Setting Disc

Master setting discs are used to calibrate and set comparators, adjustable snap gages and other precision measuring instruments that are used to inspect parts. Master discs are specified sometimes as setting discs. 

Progresive Plug

Progressive plain plug gauges are specially designed and precisely ground and lapped to produced good quality tools for high precision parts inspection.

Taper Plug Gauge

Taper gages are used to check the taper and reference diameters of products with tapered bores or holes. This is a manual type of gauging system consisting of a set of gages fitted together, namely, a plain taper plug gage and a plain taper ring gage.